Midnight Heros Club

Here is the concept art I did for my Pilot at Nickelodeon. It was a show about a group of Jai, who works the late shift in his family owned deli, sneaking out to go hang out with his friends Dame, Yogurt, and Soapie. It spent a year in production, even developing an iOS game around it. I feel really strongly about it and have high hopes that some thing will still come of it in some way.

Midnight_Heros_Club-PromobodegaMajestic Delinight runner

rooftopCity NIghts



These are some of my favorite pages from the catbug book I did with Frederator books. This was my first professional illustration project. It’s crazy I did these more than two years ago now, and how far I’ve come since.Did You Know Image 8Did You Know Image 6_color copyDid You Know Image 2Did You Know Image 4

Swirly Ghost

Swirly-Ghost whoopwhoopwhoop

Cartoon Conspiracy

Channel Frederator has a new show all about Cartoon Conspiracies, and you should check it out if you are into that kind of thing or especially if you like backgrounds because I’m designing all the backgrounds for it. Some of them actually even turned out really cooool. I’m posting up the ones I like right here, but you can watch more of them hereeeeeeeCartoon_Conspiracy_BG15 Cartoon_Conspiracy_BG17 Cartoon_Conspiracy_BG16 Cartoon_Conspiracy_BG13 Cartoon_Conspiracy_BG10 Cartoon_Conspiracy_BG9 Cartoon_Conspiracy_BG7 Cartoon_Conspiracy_BG6 Cartoon_Conspiracy_BG5 Cartoon_Conspiracy_BG4


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