Swirly Ghost

Swirly-Ghost whoopwhoopwhoop

Cartoon Conspiracy

Channel Frederator has a new show all about Cartoon Conspiracies, and you should check it out if you are into that kind of thing or especially if you like backgrounds because I’m designing all the backgrounds for it. Some of them actually even turned out really cooool. I’m posting up the ones I like right here, but you can watch more of them hereeeeeeeCartoon_Conspiracy_BG15 Cartoon_Conspiracy_BG17 Cartoon_Conspiracy_BG16 Cartoon_Conspiracy_BG13 Cartoon_Conspiracy_BG10 Cartoon_Conspiracy_BG9 Cartoon_Conspiracy_BG7 Cartoon_Conspiracy_BG6 Cartoon_Conspiracy_BG5 Cartoon_Conspiracy_BG4

Next Stop One Hundred Thousand Million

They finally made it to 1 million so I think it’s ok to post this thing now
Million Subscriber Giveaway (small)

Crack is Whack

PSA letting the people know suckin knucks is always better than sniffing crack. slugs not drugs

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Cat Ass Trophy

Nailed it.

cat ass trophy

Holiday Blush

This is a client piece for a guy who loves bikes and sells make-up and stuff. 

makeup Bike_finalThere were a couple rounds of changes for a lot of elements and here’s the final version.

makeup Bike_version2

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