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From now on I’m going to be posting everything on my tumblr. You can view it here:

Midnight Heros Club

Here is the concept art I did for my Pilot at Nickelodeon. It was a show about a group of Jai, who works the late shift in his family owned deli, sneaking out to go hang out with his friends Dame, Yogurt, and Soapie. It spent a year in production, even developing an iOS game around it. I feel really strongly about it and have high hopes that some thing will still come of it in some way.

Midnight_Heros_Club-PromobodegaMajestic Delinight runner

rooftopCity NIghts



These are some of my favorite pages from the catbug book I did with Frederator books. This was my first professional illustration project. It’s crazy I did these more than two years ago now, and how far I’ve come since.Did You Know Image 8Did You Know Image 6_color copyDid You Know Image 2Did You Know Image 4

Swirly Ghost

Swirly-Ghost whoopwhoopwhoop