Monthly Archives: March 2012

Sub Genre: Moose Rock

This is an unused poster I made for one of my friends. This was kinda the first draft. It still needs a lot of tweaking, arranging, and general photoshopping, but he decided to go in another direction with the poster, so I may never do any of that. I kinda liked it though. I’m trying to start putting more emphasis on design in my work.

Yes, I know. The smooth tunes and smooth croons line was very regrettable. I’ll justify it by saying it was a place holder for a really clever line that I have yet to come up with. It is a work in progress after all. Here is the new version:

I am also working towards being less timid in my professional work.  I guess I’ll just keep practicing (。-_-。)

Colored Dudes

Here’s another coloring practice I did. I drew and colored them individually, and then tried to arrange them in some sort of composition after the fact.I’m gonna try to start doing less practice pieces and more complete works. Let’s see if telling myself that actually makes it happen.