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Dustin the Wind

So I pawned off my beautiful, classic, 7 year old computer to the fortunate soul of one beloved Dustin Pilkington a couple days ago. This is the wallpaper that greeted him:i dust do it-mbp 15 wallpaper

It’s optimized for 15″ mac book pros, but feel free to use it for yourself on any device if you happen to be named Dustin, wear cool shirts, and look anything like that. Drawn by Taylor Miles and colored by me. Also, speaking of things drawn by other people, we also did this recently:
waffling to you- iphone5

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Choose Your Own Adventure Time Icons

Choose Your Own Adventure Time Icons

I gave my Photoshop and Illustrator icons a make over
| (• ◡•)| (❍エ❍ʋ)

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