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I’ve been working really hard to get better at photoshop recently. I’ve been a total recluse for a while trying to soak as much as i can about different coloring techniques general PS skills. I don’t even know why i went to college because everything I could ever need to learn has an in depth video explaining it on youtube…

It feels neccessary to state that this is just a practice piece. It looks thrown together because that is what it was. Practice. I just did some quick sketches, and focused on the coloring. It probably doesn’t even look particularly impressive, but it is hopefully is a real turning point for me and my approach. I feel like it is anyways. I want to continue being more and more ambitious from here on out. My goal is to work for Marvel comics by the end of this year.

new stuff coming soon

that I’m really excited about! Until then, this:

That’s no moon, it’s a space comic

I made this a while ago, but I finally finished it tonight. I’m actually kinda proud of it because it’s the first comic I’ve ever really done.


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my newest shirt on sale for join the studio. It’s not up on the site yet (, but it will be soon. I hope

I cant promise you will look this good, but buying one is a good first step

I think it’s safe to comment on here that it didn’t come out exactly like i hoped it would. I Still like it and the final print came out really clean, but my original design had a lot more subtlety in the textures. Oh well. I need to learn to account for how a halftone looks on my screen versus how it’s going to look as a print. Live and learn. Here’s what it was originally going to look like:

A Radical Dame Who Likes to Play Games

A pretty faithful recreation of one of my favorite adventure time characters/moments. Warm up sketch for tonight!

e dit: for some reason wordpress doesn’t like this image. You have to click on it to see the correct version

Les Rav Album Art

The front and back cover I entered for the Les Rav album art contest. HOPEFULLY THEY LOVE IT!