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Seams Like It…

I’ve been sewing a lot this summer, and just made two new pillows. One is a body pillow shaped like Jake the Dog from Adventure time. The second is a little dorm-warming gift I made for my sister before she goes off to her first year of college.

Quilted Southerner

Made myself a quilt. Pretty simple two piece blanket with a top stitch along the outer edge. I’m proud of it, so I thought I’d post it.

You Could Make Today Feel Like Christmas

My newest shirt design is now available at !!!!! Update yo swag and buy it now!! It will look great on you!

All design, color separation, and additional photoshopping done by me. Photo credit goes to my sister. The product image was illustrated, colored, layered, and edited by me. The printing and preparation for printing done by Steven Nguyen and myself.

Feel The Power

New Two color (Black/half tones and Red) of a roided-up space monster attacking a vintage police car and it’s occupants. Available soon form

Midsummer Night Cat Naps

Just a dude talking about dreams with his cat. Cats sleep so much they must be having some kind of amazing dreams. My dream is that this will some day see the light of day on a t-shirt.

Inspired by this:


Color Scheming

Some Color mock-ups for my newest shirt i just dug up. Just posted them for fun. It’s kinda interesting looking back and seeing what could’ve been…

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I wrote a post on how I made this one over at :

This Painting Is A Long Time

Another painting I’ve been working on for a while. I’ve still got a lot left on it, but I thought I’d post my progress. plus a Nick Cave cover of a Bob Dylan song! I love this song, but I’m really only posting it so the title of this post will make sense.

Two Paintings and A Progress

Detail Pic:These are the results of me messing around with oil paints. The first two are just two characters I drew on acrylic boards and painted. The third is a collage that I will hopefully finish one day. While I like individual pieces of it, the idea of collage  is not exciting enough to hold my interests unfortunately 😦

I will finish it one day!






Stairway To Chili’s


Here are a couple of pictures of murals done for Brinker Int. (The company that owns Chili’s, Maggiano’s, and On The Border.) The first is a mural that I designed and painted of One chef flying down a stairwell towards another chef about to cross spatulas. The second was a collaborative effort. There were several other pieces that I worked on, but I was more of a helping hand than providing creative input.