Monthly Archives: May 2012

Photoshoot Fresh

My sister recently took some pictures of a stuffed animal I made a while back, so I took them into photoshop and tried to make them look pretty

I was editing them in a coffee shop next to the window, so there was a huge glare on my screen. So The color balance isn’t perfect, but I thought she took such adorable pictures that I had to post them.

Kind of Like a Big Dill

This is a shirt I did for a local plumbing company here in austin. I usually don’t post this kind of stuff on here, but I’m kinda proud of it.  I think the design work itself is a little basic, but considering that pickles look like ugly, green, lumpy wangs I am pretty happy with how cute he looks in spite of himself.and here are some other color variations

So Long, Problems

Designed this poster for one of my friend’s bands So Long Problems. I think this one works because i believe there is some small part in all of us that wants a bear to sit down, pat us on the back, and tell us everything is going to be fine. 

Mamma’s Day

I made this for my mom to put on her fridge or something. Childhood memories style.

mama luv  (っ˘ڡ˘ς)

Eat a Kid Save A Pig

I recently finished my poster series For the Eat A Pig and help Save a Kid charity bbq thing for Cook Children’s Research Hospital. I designed five posters total. I like four of them, and I screenprinted one of them. The others are eventually going to be digitally printed and put on display at the Belmont which I am very happy about!

HEre’s a picture of the final poster in all of it’s overly photoshopped glory. Here are the rest they mostly still need retouching and vary in quality quite a bit.

Here is a better look at the illustrator file.

This was the original ^^