Next Stop One Hundred Thousand Million

They finally made it to 1 million so I think it’s ok to post this thing now
Million Subscriber Giveaway (small)

Crack is Whack

PSA letting the people know suckin knucks is always better than sniffing crack. slugs not drugs

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Cat Ass Trophy

Nailed it.

cat ass trophy

Holiday Blush

This is a client piece for a guy who loves bikes and sells make-up and stuff. 

makeup Bike_finalThere were a couple rounds of changes for a lot of elements and here’s the final version.

makeup Bike_version2

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The Beauty of Christmas Part 2

This is part two in my holiday card design for the plastic surgeon. I was responsible for everything from concept to execution on this one with very little input from the client. I’m really happy with this one.

Christmas Card_botox-2v2

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Simple Things

This is a holiday card that I made for a client that is a plastic surgeon who’s trying to get husbands in the spirit of buying their wives botox. 

Christmas Card_botox-1v2

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Wizards Only Fools, Keep it Tight

This is an illustration that I did for a friends cartoon pitch. I actually probably need to do a lot more of these….

wizard girl

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I’m gonna try to post more of the sketches I do.warm up1

Sticker Roll

Recently I’ve been drawing a lot of little characters and printing them out on sticker paper at the Staples near by my house to send to friends. I always forget to take a picture of them before I send them out, so here are the digital files. long ass sticker sheet

I also recently made these stickers for Fred Seibert, and actually got to give them to him. He said he really liked them, and now I feel really cool whenever I think about how he owns a piece of my artwork  ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Carrie, the production manager at Frederator even put one on her computer!!!  I did the drawing while working on the Bee and Puppycat Kickstarter for a part of the promotional video that ended up not being used. IMG_3615


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